Anger Management Psychology & Counselling in Gosford & Central Coast

Anger Management

Everyone gets angry occasionally. Anger is a normal and natural emotional reaction to feeling stressed, frustrated or anxious.

If you feel your anger is out of your control, you will find help at Ahead Counselling Psychology where therapy will help you learn how to recognise an episode before it gets out of control, learn to manage it and overcome it.

"I go from zero to hero with anger in a split second and cannot stop myself". If this is what you find yourself saying, take courage, help is at hand in that there are tried and proven ways in which you can learn to catch that escalation just in time, and manage your anger rather than have it manage you. Anger causes what is often irreparable damage in friendships, families and relationships. Therapy can give you the tools to never have to be totally at the mercy of your emotions, particularly with the emotion of uncontrolled anger.