Couple, marriage and relationship counselling in Gosford and Central Coast

Couple/Marriage/Relationship Counselling

Do yo feel as if your relationship has slipped backwards? You have lost that special spark of intimacy you once had together? Every attempt to reach out to your partner seems to cause more trouble, rather than restore closeness? Perhaps you find yourselves fighting more often and more intensely than ever before? One of you seems more distant, or isolated?

Counselling provides you with a safe, private place in which to be truly heard by your partner, without the emotional conflict escalations or stonewalling that often accompany attempts to resolve the situation. Bridges are created, issues discussed.Guidance is given to help your relationship reach its highest potential.

Counselling by a trained professional Psychologist assists to heal the distance between you, and restore communication, respect and connection. During the sessions you will be guided to pinpoint areas of stress, develop new strategies to improve trust and find better patterns of communicating in order to rebuild what has been lost over time. Therapy is designed to teach partners new approaches to resolve conflict which could be over various issues such as intimacy, finance, children, religion, work, etc. Strategies are given to create new common ground, and achieve greater levels of intimacy.