Reducing anxiety with counselling and psychology in Gosford and Central Coast

Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety is a debilitating mood disorder that is triggered by an often unidentifiable stimulus, resulting in uneasiness, apprehension and fear. Anxiety manifests in a range of increasing severity from slight uneasiness to Panic Attacks, insomnia, etc. Often, constant worrying and disturbed sleeping patterns can accompany symptoms.

At Ahead Counselling Psychology you learn to become skilled in healing anxiety in several ways: cognitively, emotionally, and attending to balance of life in conjunction with talking things through. By using the new tools and techniques, you will learn to adopt new behaviours, apply new skills and engage in new ways of thinking. Therapeutic methods used are: C.B.T, T.A, Behavioural Therapy, Anxiety reduction practices such as mindfulness, journalling, deep slow breathing, gentle contact with the great outdoors etc. These eclectic methods are carefully selected in a unique way to fit the profile of each individual case serves to bring overall wholeness and balance back to your life.