Grief counselling and psychology in Gosford and Central Coast


Once we lose someone (or something) we care about deeply, it takes time to adjust and learn how to live from that point onwards. Each of us react uniquely to the loss: we may cry constantly, feel depressed, or conversely feel numb and in denial or shock. Perhaps we feel angry,or guilty. Our moods change and we may withdraw from people or no longer enjoy what we used to. We feel lonely, lost. The length of the grieving period and intensity of feelings differ from person to person. There is no right or wrong in terms of the length of healing taken by an individual.

Many clients find great comfort in sharing with a professional counsellor. Some clients feel overwhelmed with pain, and others try to avoid the grief process. If you feel your grief is too heavy to bear, or perhaps that it is getting in the way with your day to day life, you need to get support. If not attended to, grief can deeply affect your physical, mental and emotional life.

Ahead Counselling Psychology offers professional clinically trained psychological and emotional support as you walk through this dark valley of grief. You do not have to do this on your own as support, care, and understanding are part of the vital experience of this journey in therapy.